-Wed, Dec 1, 2021-

Trusscilator: a System for Fabricating Human-Scale
Human-Powered Oscillating Devices


Trusscillator is an end-to-end system that allows non-engineers to create human-scale human-powered devices that perform oscillatory movements, such as playground equipment, workout devices, and interactive kinetic installations. While recent research has been focusing on generating mechanisms that produce specific movement-path, without considering the required energy for the motion (kinematic approach), Trusscillator supports users in designing mechanisms that recycle energy in the system in the form of oscillating mechanisms (dynamic approach), specifically with the help of coil-springs. The presented system features a novel set of tools tailored for designing the dynamic experienceof the motion. These tools allow designers to focus on user experience-specific aspects, such as motion range, tempo, and effort while abstracting away the underlying technicalities of eigenfrequencies, spring constants, and energy. Since the forces involved in the resulting devices can be high, Trusscillator helps users to fabricate from steel by picking out appropriate steal springs, generating part lists, and producing stencils and welding jigs that help weld with precision. To validate our system, we designed, built, and tested a series of unique playground equipment featuring 2-4 degrees of movement.


This paper has been awarded a Best Demo Honorable Mention at UIST2021.

UIST2021 Technical Paper

Trusscillator: a System for Fabricating Human-Scale Human-Powered Oscillating Devices